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Repair Services

Watch & Clock Repair

Repair services for new and antique watches and clocks.

We have 50 years of experience in repairing and overhauling clocks. When we say overhaul that means we do a complete service on the clock’s mechanism.


Here is a brief look at the steps involved in fixing a clock:

  • inspecting,
  • disassembly,
  • cleaning,
  • repairing
  • replacing any parts that need to be replaced,
  • reassembly,
  • oiling and final testing.

We will even make parts if the gears cannot be repaired.

Watch Repair

New & Antique

We completely overhaul a watch: When your watch needs to be entirely cleaned, whether its Mechanical or Quartz, Vintage or New, we completely disassemble your watch before it goes into the ultrasonic cleaner. This enables us to evaluate and completely remove old oil and dirt from your watch. We will clean, repair, and replace old worn parts and then reconstruct and lubricate. After the watch is re-assembled we put the watch on our time graph to see how well your watch keeps time. We will also clean the watch case and band. You will always get a 1-year warranty on our overhaul services.


Crystal replacement: If your watch is missing its crystal or has a scratch you cannot stand. We carry glass and plastic crystals and can custom cut crystal, if it is not available.