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Watch Services

Wrist Watches

We are a repair center for Movado, Bulova, Citizen,
Seiko, and Bering.

We replace watch bands and batteries.

Battery installation: We change all watch batteries on site, including capacitors for kinetic and solar watches.


Leather and Metal Straps: We have a large variety of leather and metal bands for sale which we will put up and size for you.

Complete overhaul: When your watch needs a complete overhaul, whether its Mechanical or Quartz, Vintage or New, we completely disassemble your watch before it goes into the ultrasonic cleaner. This enables us to evaluate and completely remove old oil and dirt from your watch. We will clean, repair, and replace old worn parts and then assemble and lubricate. After the watch is re-assembled we put the watch on our time graph to see how well your watch is keeping time. We will also clean the watch case and band. You will always get a 1-year warranty on our overhaul services.

Crystal replacement: If your watch is missing its crystal or has a scratch you cannot stand. We carry glass and plastic crystals and can custom cut crystal, if it is not available.


If its a watch strap that is all you need we have a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and material for you to choose from in our store daily.


Pocket Watches

We repair, clean, restore, and sell antique pocket watches.

The history behind your pocket watch deserves the best, and many old pocket watches get forgotten in the drawer because they are not working. This is why we also specialize in Pocket Watches. We do our best to restore and bring back the beauty of these antique watches. Many of these watches have been passed down through generations and to have a working timepiece that is so old has a fascination and can bring back or start new memories.


Antique & Vintage Watches

Are you interested in adding a special old watch to your collection? We can help you find something that suits your unique taste. We have a great selection that is always growing and changing. If you are looking for a specific timepiece we will also do our best to help you find it. Each and every vintage piece has 1 year warranty, and we service each one before we sell it.

Guidelines for Caring for an Antique Watch

  1. It is important to know that vintage watches are definitely more fragile than today’s timepieces. Years ago, brands did not have access to the high-tech materials we have today
  2. Vintage timepieces may be slightly less accurate than modern watches. Vintage watches can be off a minute or two each day. Remember, the watch may well be older than you; its performance won’t be perfect.
  3. Be careful when winding the watch. Vintage watches produced before 1969 are all mechanical watches, since quartz watches weren’t invented until that year. If you do have a mechanical watch, no matter when it was made, it will probably need to be wound regularly. Stop winding as soon as you feel resistance in the crown.
  4. Vintage watches were not created with the same attention to water resistance as watches today. The best idea is to avoid water at all costs.
  5. If you are planning a strenuous activity, where your arm is in full motion–such as getting out on the tennis courts or the golf course–leave your vintage watch at home.
  6. Dust can be an enemy of the watch movement, which is especially vulnerable when the crown is open for setting. When pulling out the crown to set the watch, do it in a clean, dry place. Use a soft cloth to keep the outside of the watch clean. Don’t forget to wipe the caseback, where dirt can accumulate due to perspiration from the wrist.
  7. Have the vintage watch serviced every two or three years to ensure clean, new oils are added to the movement.
  8. When you are not wearing your vintage watch, it is best to put it into its box or to lay it flat in a watch drawer. Never use a watch winder...vintage timepieces are not built to have their mainspring fully wound at all times.
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