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Do you like vintage pocket watches and clocks. We have some very nice pieces in our shop. If we don't have what you are looking for we may be able to find it for you.

Your vintage watch is safe with us....we completely disassemble your watch before it goes into the ultrasonic cleaner. This enables us to evaluate and completely remove old oil and dirt from your watch. We will clean, repair, and replace old worn parts and then reconstruct and lubricate. Your vintage watch will work like new.

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For 50 Years serving the Silver Spring, MD community...

The Watch Pocket Jewelers began as a family owned business, handed down to the son of the original owner and continues to serve the community with expert watch and clock repairs and sales of quality watches and fine jewelry. Joining the business is the grandson with a degree in watchmaking...Read More Now


Our Customers Like Our Work

  • I dropped off an old Waltham 1877 that wasn't running. It isn't a high grade watch and I was concerned it might be too expensive to repair and once repaired not be accurate enough to wear. I was pleasantly surprised when repairs were made quickly for a GREAT price. Added bonus it's more accurate than I expected and I use it daily.

    The watchmaker spent time with me checking other watches and explained what was needed and the possible cost to help me prioritize my future repairs.

    I will utilize this business for all my watch and clock repairs. Great group!

    J. Mac - Silver Spring, MD
    August 2018
  • So I dropped in unannounced with a simple fix. The strap pin on my trusty Seiko literally disintegrated and I needed a replacement. I am not exaggerating in saying that I didn't even have time to start browsing their watch selection before they handed it back to me! Again, I understand it was a simple fix but that was ridiculously fast and you'd be surprised at how other watch repair shops move like a sloth. Thanks guys!

    OK, so they've passed this test with flying colors! I have a more expensive repair of an old Omega to test them with.

    In the meantime, I definitely recommend The Watch Pocket!

    Fidel Q. - Washington, DC
    January 2018
  • This is the place to go if you need to repair any watch or clock! It's so nice to find a quality family run business that offers expert repair at a fair price. The watch looks like new, works perfectly, and was repaired immediately while we waited.

    It's so hard to find true expertise and fair prices as well. I'm so sorry that I went to another place in Kensington on antique row several months ago with an antique, family pocket watch. Now I know that I was totally ripped off and had to wait several months for it to be repaired.

    At the Watch Pocket, they have experienced, trained experts and have been in business for 50 years. I was so impressed and pleasantly surprised. The owners are very friendly and pleasant, too.

    All of my watches and clocks will be repaired at this store in the future.

    Joan B. - Rockville, MD
    April 2018

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